My Not-So-Ordinary Family

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This season ABC is coming out with a new family-friendly show featuring an ordinary family with some extraordinary powers. Titled No Ordinary Family, the show stars Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz as married couple Jim and Stephanie Powell, who take a vacation with their two kids to the Amazon -- and return with some amazing superpowers. Jim finds he has gained super strength, Stephanie has super speed, daughter Daphne has clairvoyant powers and son JJ has super intelligence.


I suppose, if you like super speed and strength and all that, the Powells sound pretty impressive.

Until you check out my family.We look like a normal, ordinary suburban family. But we've got superpowers like you can't believe.

My son can duplicate himself.
Oh hang on, I actually have two sons who look exactly alike. They've got the power to make mud and grass stains and holes and tears magically appear on their clothes and shoes. They've also got the power to drive me absolutely crazy. And 3Po swears the wart on his leg can do addition and subtraction.

My daughter has a similar power (no, not the mathematical wart). She has the power to make messes appear around the house, seconds after she has cleared them up. Her specialty is paper and glitter messes that leave minute particles behind no matter how often I vacuum them.

My husband, Alfie, is a master of disguise. He can pose as a nerdy engineer, devoted dad, soccer fanatic, or motorcycle dude and no one would know it was the same guy. Need proof?
He can transform into famous celebrities.

Or into your worst nightmare.

Or something even more horrifying.

Americans think he's English, the English think he's Australian, and Australians have no idea where on earth he comes from. How's that for a super chameleon? Oh, and he can unclog any toilet in the world. And he's a super husband to boot.

I haven't forgotten about myself. I've got powers too. I can whip up dinner in 10 minutes with just a can of beans and strawberry jello. I can avoid doing laundry for 10 days and still find clean clothes for everyone to wear. But my greatest power is my Super Vision: I can look at my ordinary family and see the most extraordinary, amazing, lovable people in the entire universe.

Want to do something extraordinary? You could help one lucky family win a VIP Trip to Disney World! ABC’s No Ordinary Family hosted a video contest to find the Most Extraordinary Family in America and starting September 27th you can help vote for the winner! Between September 27 and October 1, watch the top 5 video submissions and vote for your favorite. Click here for details and be sure to vote!

This post is sponsored content by ABC's No Ordinary Family. For more information about the show, go to their webpage or "Like" the official Facebook page for on-going updates, plus behind-the-scenes updates. And for more special offers courtesy of BlogHer and No Ordinary Family, check out the special offers page . The views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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